5 Mistakes of Beginner CrossFitters

5 Mistakes of Beginner CrossFitters


Once people join CrossFit, they are all excited to get started and go strong. However, people tend to overlook things like form and over-training while doing these workouts. They think they can do it full force every day without proper form and not get hurt. This is not how this works! You can hurt yourself! People just want results and they don’t care how they get there. Definitely take the time to read the below advice before you start your CrossFit journey as it will help you in the long run in addition to you being healthier.

Below is a list of mistakes that beginner CrossFitters do and how to avoid them.

5 Mistakes of Beginner CrossFitters

1. Over-training

Many people just want to be fit and strong without taking the time to fully develop. They are impatient and totally disregard their health to get there. It is definitely better to ease into CrossFit instead of rushing through everything. Make sure that you are taking enough time in between workouts and resting your body so that it can perform well for the next workout. Don’t over-train!

2. Having a huge EGO

Walking into the box for the first time may be intimidating to some, but to others they walk in with their head held high thinking they know everything. Definitely do not do this! You don’t know everything, trust me. Also, that’s not the kind of environment people like to be in. People join CrossFit for the reason that the community is so close and encouraging. If someone shows up with a huge ego imagine what that would do to the community. I know I wouldn’t want to work out with that person present because of how they make me feel. If you feel the need to keep your ego, go to a regular gym where there aren’t people impacted by you joining. Leave your ego at the door please.

3. Not listening to the CrossFit Instructor

Your CrossFit Instructor knows what they are talking about, I promise. They have to be certified to be CrossFit coaches and they go through a lot to get there. They know what they are talking about and you should definitely go to them if you have any questions at all. Their job is to help you and make you better. Never guess on a movement or workout as it could seriously hurt you if you do it wrong.

4. Refusing to give up bad eating habits

You can do CrossFit all you want, but if you eat bad foods all the time, you won’t see any progress. Losing weight/gaining muscle is about 80% diet and 20% working out so it is very important that you eat healthy. Most CrossFitters like to incorporate the Paleo diet into their workouts. I believe that it gives you the best results, however, any healthy diet is acceptable.

5. Quitting

Quitting is not an option! You must commit to to CrossFit long enough to form a habit and it will give you the best results. Once you create a habit of going, it will be very easy for you to continue. The CrossFit community has a great way of making you feel welcomed and they push you to finish each workout. All you have to do is show up and do the entire workout, it’s that simple!

These are the 5 mistakes of beginner CrossFitters and they should be avoided when you join. If you can avoid these mistakes you will thrive in the CrossFit community and get to your goals faster than ever! Don’t hesitate to get involved as possible with the other CrossFitters as it will help you stay committed longer as they hold you accountable.