5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining CrossFit

5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining CrossFit

So you’ve probably seen the people around who live and breath CrossFit, WOD’s, eating Paleo, and working out in a box. They could pretty much be anyone around you. Well, I’m sure you would know if they were because most Crossfitter’s constantly talk about CrossFit.

CrossFit may be very intimidating to people at first and that’s ok, it happens to everyone. It may be because of all of the weights dropping or the loud music. However, once you join, you will meet the world’s nicest people who are really interested in helping you grow and get better. That sense of community is what keeps people coming back and attracting so many new people. There’s always someone willing to help!

Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining CrossFit
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Once you join, you aren’t just thrown into the workout, you will most likely start with an introduction class that leads on to an “on-ramp” program. This “on-ramp” program is designed to ease you into the movements so you learn them at your own pace. This will make you comfortable enough to join the rest of the people in the classes. Each box is different, but generally these last around 6 weeks to complete before you can move up.

But before you indulge in the CrossFit life, here are 5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining CrossFit:

  1. Do a lot of research.

    There are so many different boxes that are being created so it’s important to read into each of them before you pick one. Each of them have their own prices, so if that is a factor, make sure you are looking at that. Fill out an Excel spreadsheet if needed!

  2. Do the introductory class before you fully commit.

    You may go for the class and not enjoy it as much as you would have hoped, and that’s ok! You can just try the next box to see if that is a better culture fit for you. The last thing you want to do is buy the $100+ membership and not enjoy it. There is also the option to buy drop-in classes. Sometimes these classes are limited to people who have been doing CrossFit for some time. Just make sure to visit the website to see what it says before you drop in to a class.

  3. Is a box right for you?

    If you are motivated by people cheering you on and sometimes screaming at you to keep going, a box is the perfect place for you! If you are more self-motivated, athletic, and have access to any equipment that’s needed, there is always the option to follow the website and do the WOD’s that way. Personal preference!

  4. Try and do some kind of workout before joining. 

    Even though it’s perfectly acceptable to join a box and not have done any physical activity for a long time, it may be easier to ease yourself into it if you have worked out at least a little bit before. Even if it is just going for a walk for few days a week, that is what lays the foundation for CrossFit as a lot of it is cardio.

  5. Set goals and know what you want from CrossFit.

    What is it that you want to get out of CrossFit? Is it to lose weight or to gain as much muscle as possible? Perhaps it is to look good in a bikini or just feel healthier in general. Whatever your reason is, figure out what it is before you start so you can measure along the way (also so there is an end).

So for those of you who think joining CrossFit is scary and is all about lifting heavy weights, doing the above tasks will definitely help you transition into a better mindset about joining. You will gain some valuable friends and be healthier in general. What more could you want?


5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining CrossFit