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How to Stay Motivated to Workout

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Hey everyone!

I think we can all agree that after you work a long day in the office, all you want to do is go home, put your feet up, and put on Netflix. Some days are more stressful than others and it takes all that you have to make it through traffic and get home. The last thing you want to do is go exert yourself in a workout when you have no energy left. But guess what, this is exactly the time that you need to go! It is the most important to go on these days to prove to yourself that you can do it no matter what.

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

I know that I’ve given in to my bed calling my name sometimes but most of the time, I keep thinking to myself that if I don’t go this one time, I won’t go again. This is definitely not something you want to get in the habit of.

So, motivation is huge. I switch out motivational quotes as my lock screen on my phone to continuously remind myself what is important. If you need to set daily reminders to remind yourself, go for it! It will only help you stay more dedicated!

So here are a couple of tips that I want to share with you on how I stay motivated to workout and keep going back.

Set Goals

Setting goals is huge! Most people don’t realize how important this is and think it’s a waste of time. If you don’t know what you’re working towards, why work towards it at all? They don’t even have to be big goals. You could do a goal of going to workout 2 times a week. That’s a great goal if you haven’t gone at all in the past year. They don’t have to be super complex either. Just find something that is obtainable and go for it!

Make the goals realistic so you don’t set yourself up for failure. It’s easy to get frustrated when  you’re not meeting your goals and it will probably lead to you giving up right away.

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Make Working out a Habit

We all know how hard it can be to fit working out into our schedule. You can hear it over and over again that you need to make time for it. They’re not lying, but you can only hear it so much before it gets annoying.

So set up a schedule and stick to it. Don’t make excuses to yourself on why you can’t go. Schedule the workout as you would any other important activity in your life.

Make it a Game and Enjoy it

Working out does not have to be boring and mundane. You can make it into a game and have fun with it. You can set rules to the game and try to beat them every day. You can even have friends come with you and try to beat them! I know that is the best feeling (oops!!).

Even if that means joining a gym that puts more emphasis on the community and people but is more expensive, I would recommend it. You are more likely to go back to a gym where you feel welcomed and where you know people. For example, CrossFit boasts on their community and a I swear by it. That is 88% of the reason that I am still in CrossFit. Don’t take my word for it though, go out there and find a place that you will want to return to!

Write it down

If you want to stay motivated, writing your goals on paper and looking at them every day can help you stay in the race to achieving them. I know that when I look at something every day it helps me to focus more on the outcome and know that I can do it.

Some people find it helpful to even write down their workouts in a sort of diary almost. It will help you track your progress and keep you on track. Also you can use this as a reference to brag to your friends if it’s really good!

Reward yourself

This is one of the most important parts to staying motivated. It can’t just all be serious and demanding. If you focus on the little things for each workout that made you feel good, that will help you stay motivated much longer!

One thing that I like to do is set either a shopping or food reward. For example, if I workout 4 days a week, I get to have a piece of cheesecake from my favorite bakery in my city. You better believe I will be there 4 days, if not 5 days, just so I can get that cheesecake! It’s definitely the best thing to happen to man!

How to Stay Motivated to Workout

So if you’re struggling for motivation, just keep the advice above in mind. It will help you stay motivated longer and it will make you happier overall. Working out is good for you, so if you workout, your body will thank you! You will have more energy and a better overall attitude! Never give up on making yourself better.


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